Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work?

Bazar Miejski is a store that provides shelving units for rent. These units are meant to exhibit your personal belongins you want to sell. To sell your belongings, you need to rent a unit in one of our locations, bring them over and arrange them and then let us do the selling.

2. What kind of products can i sell and how are the prices determined?

In our store you are the only person to decide what you want to sell. You also evaluate the prices yourself. We charge 25% commission. We do not hand pick any of the goods in our store.

3. How can I rent a unit in the store?

To sell your goods in our store you need to register register an account on our website and rent a unit, which will display the items you want to sell. Fill in the online form with the items you want to sell. Bring them to one of our stores and let us do the selling.

4. What is the price of a rental?

Go to the SELLtab. There you will find our complete price list. Our 25% commission is fixed.

5. Can I just rent a unit at one of the locations?

It is possible to do the payment in person. You will still need to create an account.

6. I have registered on the website and rented a unit. What next?

After the payment has gone through a form will appear in the CURRENT RENTAL section. You need to fill it out with the items you want to sell and their prices. After you've finished click SEND to send it to our product base. Then when the rental date begins, bring them over to the location you have selected. Our staff will give you the price tags and guide you to your unit. Place your items on the unit and keep track of your sales from home.

7. When can I bring my belongings to a rented unit?

You can place your items on the unit as soon as the rental begins. Please keep in mind the closing time of the store as the proces of arranging them might take up to an hour.

8. Does the store provide hangers?

The store will provide you with the right amount of hangers for your unit.

9. How can i secure my items from shoplifting?

Our stores are equiped with electronic article surveillance. You will be provided with the right amount of electronic tags to secure your items. You can also place smaller items in a closed cabinet.

10. Can I bring more items for sale after the start of the rental?

Yes, you can always bring more items if there is still room for them on your unit. Remember to put them through the website first. Notify the store staff when bringing it to your unit.

11. Is there any limit to the amount of things I can sell?

There are limits as to how many things you can place on your unit. These limits are displayed in the rental section. You can also place items on the shelves, but placing clothes on top of each other is forbidden as it is unconvinient to browse through.

12. Can I change the prices of my items after the rental started?

After the form has been submited there is no way ef editing it. You can place them in the form again, with their new prices, but you will have to visit the store in person to attach the new price tag.

13. How can I keep track of my sales?

Go to MY SALES page on our website. You will find there a summary of your sales updated every 5 minutes.

14. Can I extend my reservation?

Yes, you can extend the reservation until your initial reservation hasn't ended. The extended reservation might be transfered to another unit if the initial unit had been rented by someone else prior to yours. Consequently, if there are no available units, right after the end of your rental, you will be asked to pick a new date. If you choose to select a new rental date, you will have to retrieve your items on the end of the initial rental as the store might charge you a 10 PLN additional fee a day otherwise.

15. How do I check availability of the rentals?

Go to the SELL tab and afetr registering you will be able to check the availability of chosen unit in a calendar.

16. Is there an option of rescheduling the rental?

Unfortunetaly not. Please chose wisely.

17. Can I hand pick the location of my unit in the store?

No. The units are arranged by a system. It is not possible to change the unit you have been assigned.

18. I can't collect my items on the last day of rental. Can you store it for me?

You have to retrieve your items at the end of your rental. If it's not collected in these frame of time, they will be packed by our staff and put in our stockroom. There is an additional fee for storage. It amounts to 10 zł a day. If your items are not picked up for 30 days they will be repossesed by the store.

19. How do I get my sales worth?

The summary of your sales will be transfered to your bank account within 10 days of your account settlement.

20. Why does the summary on my account settlement differ from the one displayed on the website?

The documents you recieve, when settling your account are subtracted by our 25% commission.

21. Do I need to put my items in the form everytime I extend my rental?

Everytime you make a new reservation or extend your rental a new form will appear. There is an option of copying unsold items from your previous rentals. You can edit the prices and add new items. Check if the new unit has the same location. If not you will need to come by and relocate your items.

22. Do I need to settle my account if I'm extending my rental?

It is possible but not mandatory. You need to settle the account if you want your sales worth transferred. Keep in mind that after settling your account your price tags will no longer be active and you will need to put your items in the form again.

23. Do I have to settle my account everytime I'm extending my rental?

You don't. If the prolonged rental is scheduled on the same unit you don't have to come to the store at all.