About Us

Bazar Miejski

Makes consumer goods reuse possible. Bazar Miejski is a one of a kind platform for the exchange of second hand goods, which is upheld in the spirit of a circular economy. A convenient and safe environment dedicated to selling and buying any kind of used merchandise.


Bazar Miejski is dedicated to those who understand all the social, economic and environmental benefits of reusing consumer goods through a second hand market. Our goal was to create a marketplace for all sorts of unwanted personal goods and give them a chance to find a second home.

How it works?

Hand over
Keep track
Make money

To sell your goods in our store you need to register an account on our website and rent a unit, which will display the items you want to sell. Fill in the online form with the items you wish to sell. Bring them to one of our stores and let us do the selling. We charge 25% of the selling price.